Polka dot confetti print skirt Paula Cahen D'anvers - Short sleeve colorful sweater United Colors of Benetton

Off white block heel shoes Ricatti Italy - Gold citrine vintage ring

I am sure I've mentioned it before, while in high school United Colors of Benetton was one of my favorite brands. While its certainly one of the reasons I picked up this sweater I cannot deny I am attracted to the vintage vibe short sleeve sweaters have. Any fave brands from high school that you still wear today?

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Sheila said...

I couldn't afford Benetton when I was a teen, but I know it's one of those "good" brands when I see it in thrift stores. Most of the clothes I liked as a teen were things I couldn't afford - which is why I'm so much more willing to try things out now as an adult.

Love this sweater. Short sleeved sweaters are great!