Dear Consignor

Notify "Asarina" jeans, similar - Striped tee shirt Gap, similar 

Hermès Armada vintage silk scarf, similar - Double G belt 

Black flats Parfois - Black satchel Jules by Rebecca Minkoff

I consign a lot of the items you see in my closet edits, others I just give away or sell. The other day at one of the shops I consign I realized that I've bought several things from one certain consignor.  I know because I have begun to understand the coding system the shop uses and while I have no idea what I'd say to my "Dear Consignor" I would love to meet her! Does this make me creepy? Would you like to know who an item belonged to before buying it?


Sheila said...

I would love to know where my clothes come from. That is cool that someone else out there has the same/similar taste as you! I LOVE these wide-legged trousers on you, Lorena! Fashion!!

Missymayification said...

Yes, it would be nice to know who the person is. You look wonderful.

Betsy Ramsey said...

If I purchased on consignment, particularly if it was something high end, I'd like to know the donor's story behind it and why they were getting rid of it. Not sure if I'd want anyone purchasing my things to know very much about me, though. Interesting post - it's making me think about this now!

Shelbee on the Edge said...

Lorena, this outfit is so great! I love that gorgeous scarf paired with the striped top. And how fun are the wide leg pants. This post is featured in today’s #SpreadTheKindness Link Up.