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Dark jeans NYDJ Not Your Daughters Jeans, LOVE THESE ON SALE - Men's white dress shirt, similar

Vintage Avon blue bead necklace

Vintage onyx signet ring, almost identical

Burgundy bow flats Isola

Whenever I find a place I love to shop, eat a great pizza or outstanding service I tell others about it. When I see a good movie, a good play at the theatre or come across a cool account on Instagram I share it. Because it costs nothing to make people's lives easier, tell me about it. 
So today I'll share with you a cool and very affordable jean option from NYDJ (same brand I am wearing here) that is actually on super sale for less than 20.00 USD here. If you have not tried this brand you should, next time you see it in store, try them on. They are usually over 100.00 USD so these in less than 15.00 USD if you´re 00 is SUPER, as these have a kick ass hem. These jeans mold, lift and set in place all your goods ;)  You're welcome.

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Lydia said...

Got to love a good pair of jeans! And that is such a good sale too. Too bad I'm not a double zero 😂
Chic on the Cheap

Mica said...

What a good deal on the jeans! I'm always a little jealous when I see things on final sale in last sizes and they aren't in my size, haha!

Away From The Blue