New in March

If you're into second hand designer, this will be a fun post for you, as I must admit I got some great deals...

Dolce & Gabbana lace skirt, 4.82 USD

Nina Ricci silk hand rolled scarf, 5.35 USD. I've been eyeing for months but did not want to pay "full price" on it.

Off white leather GFFerré belt for 3.75 USD, needs some cleaning, but I wore it as is yesterday.

Striped skirt Michael Kors, 1.07 USD and the  Liz Claiborne flex lime mules for just 7.50 USD.


A tie dye light blue top from Martha Rey, a bohemian designer I had never heard of, for 1.07 USD. 


Hi low uneven hem tee shirts in white and pink for just 1.07 USD each. 


Two vintage finds: A 1981 Avon Royal Azura blue bead necklace for 3.21 USD and a three chain clip necklace for 3.21USD.


Gucci burgundy blouse with tassel 10.00 USD (forgot to document), light blue Rome scarf is a gift from a friend.

Vintage woven burgundy oxblood bag Sharif Studio 7.25 USD (not pictured)

March total 49.37 USD ;) 


Sheila said...

I love that skirt, the scarf and the tasseled shirt - all great pieces. That GFFerre belt is awesome! You get the best deals I've ever seen. Wow.

Closet Fashionista said...

So many fun pieces!! I do love that Gucci blouse! And I'm not even a huge pink fan, haha. But it's so pretty

Nancy said...

Great finds! I love that belt, it s gorgeous!

Porcelina said...

Oh my, you did so well!! Some fabulous pieces x

Natalie S said...

OMG great finds! Lo conseguiste todo en pty?