The 3 piece formula

Two days in a row, I wore the exact same 3 accessories with different outfits: printed vintage scarf, gold tone vintage necklace and bright blue heels. I think I could wear these with anything.



This is my three piece formula. Do you have a three piece formula you can wear with anything? 


Sheila said...

Hmmm...not really. But I do have certain "sets" of things that I wear together, like a pair of patterned tights + shoes, or a suite of jewelry that always goes together. I like the ease of knowing I have that option when I don't feel like making a lot of effort.

You have really found a magic formula with these pieces!

Lydia said...

Since I've been in LA I've been wearing the same accessories together over and over. I keep trying to mix it up, but some pieces just feel right together.
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