My Pinterest Outfit Fail

Black dress George, similar - Jean Jacket OUT, similar darker wash
Black flats Parfois - Black tote bag Furla
White fabric flower necklace Forever 21, almost identical in grey

I had something else in mind when this outfit came together in my head and trust me, it looked nothing like this.  
In fact it looked something like this image which I have saved in my Outfit Inspiration board on Pinterest. 
Meet my Pinterest Outfit Fail - do you have a Pinterest fail ? Something you tried inspired by a Pinterest image, but that did not quite make it?

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Shea Lennon said...

Okay, so I agree that it doesn't quite look like your inspiration, but I actually love how this turned out! I don't see the fail here!!

Shybiker said...

I like it. The necklace adds panache.

Closet Fashionista said...

Ahh, Jenna Lyons, no one can really dress how she does, haha. She has some kind of magic that makes everything look good. I still think this is pretty darn close to what she wore, just not as fitted to the body. Looks good to me!

backinstyle said...

I would definitely not call this outfit a fail! I especially like the dressy necklace in contrast with the classic casual denim jacket.

Lydia said...

I'm pretty sure we all have those. I especially find the disconnect when the person in the inspiration does not have a body type like mine at all. The pieces just don't hang the same way. But I still think this is a cute look, I'm just not sold on the necklace.

Patricia Africa said...

Pues la verdad es que tampoco lo veo tan mal... ¡quizás si le añades un cinturón que te de un poco de forma te ves mejor!


Straight A Style said...

I don't think this outfit is a fail at all!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style