Printed jumpsuit Jolly Chic, this one looks NOTHING like mine but it's FABULOUS and just 12.97 USD! 
White blazer Suzie Shier, similar 
Black velvet pumps Juicy Couture, similar 
Black tote bag Furla 
Statement necklace, similar in a lighter colour
The other day I was reading this post  and it reasoned with me in so many ways. The part that reasoned the most is how we are more scrutinised than men when it comes to what we are wearing. Because as Cee says in her post "how can we possibly live to the pressure of knowing what to wear when what we wear and how we look is apparently still the most important thing about who we are..." 
Unlike men, we are constantly scrutinised based on appearance, it does not matter if you are a queen, a first lady, a CEO or the neighbour. As Cee best says it "if a woman goes to the moon, it is almost guaranteed that how she looks in her space suit will garner more attention than her actual trip to the galaxy.."  No doubt here, it would make the cover of the magazine and read "she wore a tight long jumper... while during her moon trip", as if what we wear takes merit from what we do.
I have to say I've felt this many times. Regardless, I have learned that first we must feel good in what we wear, it must feel like us, not as if you're wearing a costume. I've understood that first and foremost we must dress for ourselves. The only opinion that really matters is mine.
Have you felt this scrutiny?


Brooke said...

I've felt it, and it's stressful sometimes. Especially at work, it's like is this too tight, too short, etc. When a lot of the clothes made for us are made that way. I love today's outfit., the balance of the looser fit of the pants with the blazer is perfect!

Pumps and Push-Ups

Courtney Erin said...

I think it's next to impossible to be a woman and not feel that scrutiny - and oftentimes I think it can come from other women. The reality is that I think most of us, to varying degrees, have internalized some facets of the patriarchy (I mean it's almost impossible not to when it surrounds us at all times and has structured all facets of our society and culture for hundreds of years) and so we sometimes occasionally apply that scrutiny to other women, even if we think we're being an ally when we do it (ie, we might see a woman at a business meeting and think maybe her skirt is a bit too short and it would be unfortunate if she were taken less seriously in a professional setting on account of that ... but, of course, we're passing a veiled judgment in that instance, and it's informed by patriarchal notions of how women should present and conduct themselves).

Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

Sheila said...

Love this outfit. I try to dress just for me (as I struggled with that yesterday), not for the "male gaze." Thank you for the article!

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

fabulous combo :D

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Sparkles of Light said...

I've definitely felt it before and I hate it, it's a surefire way to make me feel extremely uncomfortable in whatever I'm wearing.

Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

Oksana Zolotukhina said...

I'm in loooove with your combo :D perfect!

Mica said...

I'm someone who notices what people wear - it fascinates me - so I naturally assume people would be looking at what I'm wearing too. Just out of curiosity, not as a bad thing! :) I've never felt overly judged by what I was wearing - a few times maybe but it's mostly been by other women and they weren't ones I got along with anyway.

I feel like I 'should' dress nicely for work but I don't think it's pressure, more an expectation that I need to put my best foot forward! :)

I like the printed pants you're wearing in this outfit too.

Hope you are having a nice week so far! We had a day off yesterday which was lovely, although not as relaxing as I hoped when you have two kids at home, haha! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Closet Fashionista said...

That is definitely so true! Men can wear the same thing every day and no one would say anything, but if a woman did the same people would FREAK.
Having said that, love those pants, such a fun print!

Lydia said...

Cee definitely nailed it with that post, and I think the worst part is that women scrutinize each other relentlessly, and while I might not speak things aloud, I look at other women, I critique, I will judge them on what they are wearing before I get to know who they are. (I of course do this with men too, and there was a time when I told Sean he had to stop wearing the same plaid shirt every day (he bought five) because I thought it was ridiculous.)

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I subscribe to Cee and loved that post. As women, we're scrutinized every single day. What's disheartening, is not only are we scrutinized by men but NOW other women. I'm seeing a lot of this in beauty.

LOVE J said...

You look awesome, I love how you put it together this outfit. Great post, dear!XO

Laura B said...

I used to feel very scrutinized but as I've gotten older I find I don't really care what others think (for the most part). I really try to dress for myself! :)

Dressed With Soul said...

Dear Lorena, first: I like your look, the pants are amazing. And I have to admit that normally I don't care about other people and this is also valid for what I wear. I feel only not good when I don't like what I wear. But I know what you mean and it is a very unpleasant fact.
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

amely rose said...

Dear Lorena,
I am always amazed by your looks and you improve your styling so much everytime. The trousers are so lovely and suit you perfectly.

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