March Closet edits

I have not been making much of an effort in editing my closet. It's sort of just happened, anyhow this is what left the closet and entered a black bag to give away or was consigned.

A 2015 birthday present this Derek white top was worn briefly and thinned. Tess vintage silk top is too revealing and to tug on it all day does not work. Also if I altered the straps, then it would be too short.

H&M pink button down shirt dates to 2012, worn about 10 times, CPW about 2.50 USD, I'm done with it. The 1975 tee shirt was see through and poor quality, it took me almost two years to wear ! 
Silk vintage flower print scarf, I did not wear it much and lately I've acquired at least half a dozen scarves, so I had to let go even if it was just one.
Printed blue halter dress by All That Jazz, this dress is at least twenty years old, fits snug and has not been worn in ages and it's just taking up space. The brown brocade strapless dress is from Jessica Mc Clintock and I love it, but cannot zip it up and I am passing it on to a friend.  

I love this dress and how it made me feel when it wore it, I felt like a queen. However it's served its purpose, the white sequins have yellowed and it no longer zips.

The Zara black cap toe flats had a good run and they showed a lot of wear. Worn at least 25 times, they had to go. This grey, navy and pink statement necklace was a gift from my husband. I loved it, but after getting a lot of wear the grey began to fade and I do not feel comfortable wearing it anymore.
The yellow stripe Lacoste polo shirt was a bit snug, a bit short and had two tiny spots on them that I could not remove after a good wash, it's not like I wore it anyways. Short white lace dress made by Lovely Day, I wore it recently to a white themed party and was not really loving it, it got me through the party but, its not a keeper. It's really short and having to be concerned all night about indecent exposures is not in my book. 

These Tommy Hilfiger trousers were a hand me down from a friend, but they were too low cut and I never hemmed them. The cut was not flattering and it seemed like I had to make too much of an effort to style them so they would look acceptable. 
Finally my white mini skirt. I don't own many mini skirts and this one I've held on to with the excuse that I would wear it to the beach. But the last times I have gone to the beach I have opted for other garments. It's too short, too tight. Off it goes.

Fourteen items in one month.


backinstyle said...

Good for you, being such a conscientious editor! I feel like if you don't love those pieces anymore, let them circulate, so someone else can enjoy them!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Glad the Jessica McClintock is going to a friend. Gorgeous dress. When I worked at a bridal salon I sold many of her dresses.