Likeable people don't...

Vintage silk blue and red blouse Don Sayres, I was surprised by this similar by Gucci
Blue heels Charles Jourdan, almost identical here and a more affordable version here
Black tote bag Furla, check out this vintage Furla bag under 40.00 USD  
I read this article a few weeks ago about the ten things that likeable peoeeple never do. As I began scrolling I had to smile because I felt like I was reading about myself and things that I do! Which would make me not likeable ;) Then again, we all have our moments. 

Here are the things I do that will make me not likeable, according to the article:

1. Criticise: It could be in my DNA but I have been taking steps to do this less often. I am my first critic.
2. Interrupt: Mea culpa. I usually try to hold back but I am usually afraid I will forget. But on the bright side, I was in a meeting last week where I just took notes on questions I wanted to ask and did not interrupt!
3. Control: I am a control freak, even though I do know that at the end nothing can be controlled. 

Which one are you guilty of ? If any ?


Sheila said...

I'm guilty of a few of those, but I also know we're always a work in progress.

I adore this outfit, and I'm not surprised that some chi-chi brand is revisiting a vintage look! Yours is so much better! The pants are such a great modern touch. I love this outfit.

backinstyle said...

I hope you are feeling better today. You look great! I love your vintage blouse, and the way you styled it. We would all be saints if we didn't do unlikable things sometime. For me, the key is to do my best to be my best self.

SomethingFashion said...

Primero que nada, muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog y comentar, siempre se agradece muchísimo el feedback! :) Segundo, me encanta tu blusa! Creo que la combinación de colores que tiene es muy arriesgada, pero al mismo tiempo queda super elegante y el lazo rojo al cuello le da un toque super original (tal y como contaba en mi último post, el vintage es mi perdición!).

Acerca del artículo que leíste, yo también soy super culpable de las tres que nombras. En especial con la primera: soy muy crítica con todo y con todos, pero porque al igual que tu dices, también soy muy crítica conmigo misma. Desde siempre me he exigido hacerlo todo lo mejor que puedo, y ese aspecto se vio todavía aún más reforzado cuando empecé a estudiar arquitectura, ya que en todo momento se nos exige en la Escuela que trabajemos duro por conseguir los mejores resultados y aunque algo parezca que esté bien desde un principio, siempre darle un giro extra para lograr la perfección. Desde ese momento, nunca jamás he podido ir a un sitio, o evento, o cualquier cosa sin ser super crítica y encontrar cosas que podrían cambiarse para obtener el mejor rendimiento posible.

Un saludo :D

Mica said...

I think even perfectly likeable people can have their less than perfect characteristics, we are all only human! :)

I love your outfit, the top and shoes go so nicely and it's perfect with the black pants :)

Hope you are having a great week and have a lovely weekend ahead!

Away From The Blue Blog

Sweets & Style said...

Oh, I love the whole look. Those pants look gorgeous on you.

Laura B said...

These are great tips! I try not to interrupt, but then I end up never getting to say anything! Haha! Love that gorgeous blouse!

Jodie's Touch of Style said... funny because I can so relate!! But I think I'm getting better as I'm getting older!!

LyddieGal said...

Oh gosh, I do almost all of those things. I don't usually interupt, or rather I feel like if I ever try to interject, I will be ignored. I let fear hold me back. I'm still beating myself up over getting a parking ticket two weeks ago (which is one small thing of many large things I can't let go of). I try to control things, but at the same time I will refuse to make decisions.
...I'm far from perfect, and I suppose the worst of all the things is that I more or less believe myself to be unlikable.

Chic on the Cheap

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