Black trousers Mario Serrani, identical here - Striped tee shirt Talbots similar
Taupe block heel pumps Breckelle's identical here - Black tote bag Furla 
Vintage Armada scarf Hermès 
This scarf has an interesting story. A few weeks ago I was running an errand and while driving back to the office I came across a thrift shop that I can never access because there is no place to park. However for some odd reason there were several parking spots, in fact there was one right in front of the shop. I quickly pulled over, parked and walked in. The shop was empty and I did a quick browse here and there not finding anything. Then I walked towards the scarves. There were at least 40 of them all knotted to a bar. I began to go through them rapidly and right before deciding to leave I saw what seemed to be a perfectly hand stitched hem. I touched it, it seemed like silk. I undid the knot and pulled out a very large wrinkled scarf. It had beautiful galleon images in bright colours, the bottom was printed with the Hermès _ Paris copyright. It was also stained. I looked at the price tag and figured it was too good to pass even if it was not an original item. I would look into its authenticity later.  How much do you think I paid for it ? Have you bought an item you were uncertain of in regards of its authenticity ? How did it work out ?


alessandra said...

Amazing look! I love the scarf

Mica said...

It is a beautiful scarf, even if it's not authentic Hermes. Was it?

Hope you are having a nice start to your week! We are looking forward to the Easter long weekend here.

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Sheila said...

I say trust your hand and your eye! Feels like silk, handrolled/sewn edges - and the print itself looks very sharp with no bleeding edges or overlap. I say it's real!

I have bought things I thought were real and weren't (my LV scarf), and things I thought were fake and were real (my Tod's shoes!). I think if you love the piece, it doesn't matter.

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

you look great! I'm totally in loooove with your scarf!

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Monika said...

Scarf is wonderfull!

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

So, I need to much was it?? And how do you find out the authenticity of it???
It's so pretty, but I especially love how you layered the pearls over it---I'll have to try that Lorena!!!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

it's a gorgeous scarf and really looks so good with your outfit lorena! very nice purchase.