The 1975

White tee shirt The 1975 - Jeans Banana Republic - Zebra print heels Bershka - Black blazer Nine West, similar
Black tote bag Furla, almost identical - Handcuff pearl necklace, similar in silver here

You're certainly going to laugh at this. I purchased this tee shirt on line sometime in November 2016. I bought it because it's the year I was born. I thought there were tees out there being sold, you know with the year you were born in...  Not. Happens The 1975 is actually a band. Regardless I never wore this tee until today. It's super thin and see through, it looks badly made and fits horribly. But, you know me, I had to wear it because I was not going to let those 7.00 USD go to waste ;) 

How about you, what was the last item you wore that you thought "oh, this is terrible quality" ? 


Dressed With Soul said...

Dear Lorena, how cool you have also a top with your year of birth :) And I think it is cute and very elegant how you styled it!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

amely rose said...

Hi Lorena, I adore this elegant styling. Perfect for nearly every situation. Perfectly combined.
And how cool this top has the year of your birth printed on it.

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Mica said...

Even if you don't like it, this is a fun way to wear it! :)

I struggle with buying white things online, they are often so sheer that I have to return them. I find buying in store better! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Gerrilyn said...

The 1975 is my favorite band! Too bad the quality of the tee is not good, however, I like your reason for buying it, it was a good plan. And I like the outfit too.

Straight A Style said...

LOl I didn't know it was a band either!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

The Elle Diaries said...

I love this T-shirt and think it’s cute that it also states your age. Your outfit is very chic and very well put together. I’m glad that you wore the T-shirt, it really makes the outfit. I would not have known it was a band either ! My popular culture IQ is intensely low!

Sheila said...

Never heard of that band, and I (and L) know a lot of bands! Too bad about the quality - that still happens to me!

Laura B said...

Oh gosh I had no idea it was a band either! I've been so bad about staying up to date with music since college. It looks great the way you wore it though! Too bad it isn't great quality.

Oh to Be a Muse said...

It looks pretty nice with the blazer. I was seriously going to ask if you were a fan of the band The 1975, lol. I think it works as a year I was born tee as well, though.

Natalie S said...

That's funny! Mine were a pair of jeans that were also $7.00 (on sale). I tried them on in store and they were perfect. Wore them at home and it was a whole other story.

Lydia said...

Haha, Have you listened to their music? I like them well enough. The last time I wore an item that was terrible quality was from one of those chinese companies. I mean, over the years maybe 10% of the stuff has worked out and maybe 1% is still in my closet, but I think I've finally sworn them off for good.