Past 6

Black drifter trousers Kate Spade Saturday, similar here - White blouse with rhinestone on sleeves Forever 21
Zebra print heels Bershka, similar - Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli 

Whenever I take pictures there is always something going on. I am usually on my way some where, to do some thing. I don't go out just to take pictures. 
For example, here I was walking to a business dinner and stopped for pictures then carried on. How about you? Do you get dressed just for pictures or are you doing something, going somewhere ?

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Mica said...

I'm always doing something too, I'd never have time to get dressed just for pictures. I admire people who have the time and dedication to do that!

I tend to just take photos on my way out the door. Before kids I'd sometimes take photos when I was out, but with the boys it's easier to stay home and take a photo before we get in the car or go out walking.

Love the dressier way of wearing these pants too, perfect for dinner :)

Away From The Blue Blog

A Very Sweet Blog said...

That's what I like about you Lorena! It's real life. Great outfit.

Sheila said...

I'm almost always on my way to work, or about to go out. I don't get fashion bloggers who don't WEAR their outfits!

sonia // daring coco said...

Way to multitask! I usually have to prepare for photos, though I wish I could take photos on my way somewhere. It would make life much easier


Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I always admire that about you. I do a combination of both. I try to take photos of ALL or at least most of the outfits I wear day to day but I also just dress up for photos, especially when I participate in collaborations and style challenges.