Behind the scenes

Zipper skirt Burberry, here another Burberry option in the same colour under 80.00 USD - Black top DNA
Black tote bag Roberto Cavalli - Brown, pink and red heels Zayma - Prada Baroque black sunglasses identical here

Sometimes when we look at pictures we only get half of the picture and we have no idea wat is behind the scene you are seeing.  For example the picture above, as most days, its taken in my office parking lot. I am by myself and I can usually hear parrots while I do this. I take about 10 pictures with the camera timer function and then choose what post here from those ten shots. It's very basic as you see. I'd love to know what goes on in your behind the scenes.

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Sheila said...

99% of the time I only take the pictures that you see! I am in a rush in the mornings (when I take my pics), so BAM, that's it. The stair picture is the 3rd pic I take (front pose, back pose, stair pic, outerwear, in that order) in the morning, then when I get home at night, I take the two "stuff" pictures. I sometimes take more of those because they blur. :)

Porcelina said...

I love that you have parrots witnessing your daily fashion!! I get my husband to be my photographer. He can be a bit bossy behind a camera so there are usually lots of unusable shots because I'm debating some direction with him.

Mica said...

Oh I don't have parrots, usually just the kids and dog roaming around somewhere out of the frame, haha!

I just use the tripod and snap a couple photos before I go out the door to whatever we are up to that day - I use a remote rather than self timer, but it's still pretty basic :)

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Unknown said...

Such a classy look Lorena! Yet so cool! I love your pumps!