January Edits

The first edit of the year is always I something look forward to. Because I always aim at getting rid of loads of items, but why kid myself. 
I got rid of two pairs of shoes. Red ones by Biviel, these date to 2011 and have been worn about 16 times. Back in the day I did not document the cost of my purchases by these were probably 60-70 USD. 
The other pair were these black pumps from Oh Deer ! Worn about 17 times, they were also an online purchase from a time prior to my documenting cost. 

A white tee shirt by Zenana which I am sure I go my money's worth and a Everly brand blue blouse with tags on. I never wore it and its been there for a year. The orange, white and blue top from Marineblu was purchased in July 2012, worn four times, CPW 5.75 USD.

Light blue top by Rachel Ray CPW 0.33 USD and brown printed Merona top around since at least 2011, worn four times. 
Maybe you noticed that some days I have been wearing head bands as I read somewhere that these were back. Well I wore this brown head bland several days in a row and then threw it in my bag and forgot about it.. it broke.

Eight items in one month. 


A Very Sweet Blog said...

HaHa Lorena! Yes, you've gotten great wear out of that white tshirt. You always do out of all your clothes.

Sheila said...

Good job! I like seeing that you get so much wear out of your clothes. :)