Uncomfortably pretty

Hot and Delicious chambray off the shoulder top, identical here and similar under 10.00 USD here 
Black trousers Mossimo, similar under 20.00 USD here - Black scalloped flats Sam Edelman, identical - Hand bag Baurisar 

I have to admit I love how this chambray off the shoulder top looks. It is just so uncomfortably pretty. Tugged on it all day long. In fact I think that if I had to tell you how long I wore it like pictured (actually off the shoulder) it was probably 20% of the time, the rest 80% I had the elastic sitting on my shoulders and it looked frumpy.  When the elastic was in place, like on the picture I could not carry my bag, I could not wave hello, I could not flip through the clothes hanging in store racks, could not even steer the wheel of my car, could not give a hug.. it was such a burden that I am reconsidering if I want to keep this top or not. Because I do know that if I keep it I am committing to knowingly being uncomfortably pretty when I wear it again. Do you have a garment that looks good but feels uncomfortable when wearing, what is it ?
Admito que me gusta cómo se ve esta camisa hombros afuera. Tan incómodamente hermosa. La jalé todo el día. Es más, si les dijera cuánto tiempo la llevé tal cual aparece en las fotos (con los hombros afuera) fue probablemente el 20%, el resto del tiempo llevé la camisa con los hombros cubiertos se veía desaliñado. Cuando el elástico estaba en su lugar, como en la foto, no podía cargar mi cartera, no podía saludar con mi mano, no podía mover libremente mis brazos para ver la ropa colgada en las tiendas, no podía girar el timón del carro, no podía ni dar un abrazo ! era realmente agobiante, tanto que estoy reconsiderando si me quedo con la camisa o no. Sé que si me quedo con ella, debo aceptar estar incómoda cuando me la ponga la próxima vez. Tienes alguna pieza de ropa que se ve bien pero se siente incómoda cuando la llevas puesta ? Cuál es ?

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The Glossychic said...

cute top
The Glossychic

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Lorena, you look so beautiful! I love chambray and off the shoulder tops are so beautiful. I had a sweater top that was off the shoulders and folded down ( a looooong time ago). It was the most uncomfortable piece of clothing I ever had. Plus I had to wear a strapless bra. But it looked gorgeous on me! I even attracted AND turned down a professional football player while wearing it. LMAO Never bought one again! Love your purse as well.

backinstyle said...

I have trouble with this style, too. Some off the shoulder styles seem to be constructed with movement in mind, and others just don't stay put and are not worth the bother. The style looks great on you, if you find one that stays in place and works for you!

Beauty Unearthly said...

You look so classy. Love the bag! Have a great week! xx

Sheila said...

I was this close to buying a beautiful gown, but it had an off-the-shoulder element. When I lifted my arms, the chest/shoulder piece came up and whacked me in the face! It's a nice looking design, but it's so not practical to wear! This is a lovely blouse on you, Lorena, but not being able to move properly would be a deal-breaker for me!

Mica said...

The impracticality of off the shoulder tops you described, as well as the impossibility of me ever finding a strapless bra, means that I've never gotten into the trend. Even when the tops are as pretty as yours is!

Hope you make a decision on keeping or letting go of the top soon :)

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