The Closet Wrap Up

I love a good well thought of closet edit. Not impulsive, not because I read about the Marie Kondo method, not because I have not worn it in six months. 
My closet editions are a thought of process that leave no space for regret.
You won't see me pack 6 big garbage bags at once, as you know I edit every.single.month and it works for me. 
Allow me to add that I not only do this with clothes but also things around the home. As for the clothes I edit from my closet: I donate, consign, pass on garments to friends. Before I do any of the these I wash them, sew buttons, fix zippers, mend hems and have garments ironed. I see it as an act of courtesy to that person receiving it. 
Below are my closet edits in numbers: 123 pieces.
Amo una buena edición de armario. No impulsiva, no porque leí sobre el método de Marie Kondo, no porque tengo seis meses sin usarlo. Mis ediciones de armario son un proceso bien pensado en donde jamás hay espacio para arrepentimiento.
No verás que empaco seis bolsas negras de basura en una sola tarde, como saben edito todos los meses y me funciona. Aclaro, esto no lo hago sólo con mi closet, sino también con enseres de la casa. En relación a las piezas que edito de mi armario, las dono, consigno y regalo a mis amistades. Antes de hacer cualquiera de estas las lavo, coso botones, reparo zippers, arreglo bastas sueltas y estas son planchadas. Lo veo como un acto de cortesía ante quien las reciba. 
Abajo, las 123 piezas que salieron de mi armario este año: 
I edited and also added. This year however, I added a lot of garments purchased in consignment shops, this is different to previous years when I shopped more items from regular stores. A total of 116 pieces entered my closet in 2017, just 7 pieces short of what I edited (123 items). In those 116 pieces I spent 941.95 USD, an average of 8.12 USD per item. But, I have to add that I received many as gifts and hand me downs. Tops and shoes were the items I purchased the most, unlike last year when it was all about dresses. 
Resté pero también sumé. Este año a diferencia de otros, muchas piezas fueron adquiridas en tiendas de consignación. Un total de 116 piezas entraron a mi armario en el 2017, 7 piezas menos de las que edité (123 piezas). En estas 116 piezas gasté 941.95 USD, un promedio de 8.12 USD por ítem.  Pero, debo recordarles que recibí ropa de regalo (nueva y usada). Camisas y zapatos fueron las piezas que más compré, mientras que el año pasado lo que mas compré fueron vestidos.

As for goals, my 2017 closet goals were simple: Get rid of at least 200 items, this I did not accomplish as I only got rid of 123. Second goal was to have a shopping ban, I did and it lasted 4 months. Third and final closet goal was to spend a maximum of 1,500 USD and I spent 941.95 USD. Two out of  3 goals accomplished works for me. 
For 2018, my budget is 1,400.00 USD, I want to get rid of at least 180 items and throw in a shopping ban, maybe mid year. 
Oh and this year I had a consignment shop income of 176.00 USD from some of those edits.
What are your closet goals ?
Mis metas del 2017 para el armario fueron sencillas: Deshacerme de al menos 200 ítems, esto no lo cumplí, sólo me deshice de 123. La segunda meta fue hacer una pausa en las compras, lo hice y no me compré nada en 4 meses. Tercera y última meta fue no gastar mas de 1,500.00 USD y gasté 941.95 USD. Dos de tres metas cumplidas no está mal. 
Para el 2018, el presupuesto es de 1,400.00 USD, quiero deshacerme de al menos 180 piezas y hacer un alto a las compras, tal vez a mediados de año.
Ah, olvidaba, este año tuve in ingreso por algunas piezas que llevé a consignar, un total de 176.00 USD.
¿Qué metas tienes para tu armario en el 2018?


Sheila said...

This really resonates for me: leave no space for regret. I have no room for regret in my closet - if something doesn't work, I will get rid of it right away. My closet goal is to only have things that I really LOVE. No number goals, no money goals. I refuse to justify what I spend on clothes, since I am super-thrifty in other ways: I don't have a car, I walk to and from work, I don't buy coffee out (that saves SO much money).

My style is shifting slowly, so I'm eyeing my closet very critically these days and making sure that what's in there fits my current/evolving style.

I love your closet edit/purchase posts - I love seeing what you buy and get rid of. :)

Closet Fashionista said...

Wow, that's quite a lot of edits to your closet! Even though you didn't reach your goal, that's a lot of stuff! Go you!!! I'm not that good at getting rid of stuff, although I did get rid of a bunch of things this year. My goals are to not buy many pieces, and only buy things I know I'll love and wear a lot.
And that's so sad!! At least you ended yup with some tasty honey though. But it's never fun having to kill animals :(

Miguel Gouveia said...

thanks :)

super interesting!

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Beauty Unearthly said...

Hello, thanks for the information.

Mica said...

You did so well editing to remove so many pieces from your wardrobe! I do better when I do the small editing as I go. When I have a big clear out (when we downsized my wardrobe to turn the wardrobe room into a nursery, in the postpartum days after baby T) then I miss the pieces I let go of. When I give things one final wear it's clearer to see what is or isn't working for me and I regret it less. It's slower going though, haha! I'm sure I bought more than I donated or gave away last year but I didn't have a tally to check - I should try that this year! :) Thanks for the inspiration :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Porcelina said...

I am impressed with these stats! Well done on keeping within budget and shifting quite a few items. I too like to edit as a continuous process, like Mica I give things one 'final wear' to help me rationalise a decision, and then off it goes if I don't like it. We don't have any decent consignment stores nearby so I sell things for a very small amount on Ebay.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Lorena, I'm always impressed with how you manage things in your closet. You're such an inspiration.

minimalissmo blog modowy said...

I have cache-daily items wardrobe and my collection classic items achive-wardrobes. First one is no to large, yours 120+ items are OK, I have a little more. But my collection of classic things in different places (wardrobes) in my house is... large. I dont like get rid of classic clothes, especially old and very good quality. I know that in last years appear new idea (good for producers and shops) says that "If You dont use sth in X months... get rid it", but I dont agree with it. I have space to collect good quality items, and I do that because I know that the fashion (trends) is cyclical.