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Pink button down shirt H&M, similar here - Jeans Zara 
Light blue bow flats Gio Zanotti, similar - Black vintage bag Croft & Barrow

Evil eye turquoise pendant Anne Klein similar options here, here and this is a super pricey one.

A few weeks back on a Sunday morning I came across an Instagram story of a consignment shop I follow and where I also consign. It was this really cool bag that I just loved at first sight. So I sent a direct message to the shop and identified myself, told the person that I know I have a credit pending to be used there and that if it can be applied to the bag, I would be picking it up on Tuesday (it's a small shop, almost a one man show). Shortly after I get a reply that "someone else said they would stop by" and that "if the girl does not show up, I will immediately apply the credit for you". 
I had mixed feelings because if I had a credit I figured, well money in on your side and I am telling you I want it, so why not just apply it immediately ? Then I thought, oh well. Then I thought again and instead of insisting via direct message I texted a friend who lives a few streets away from the shop, sent her a picture and asked if she could pick it up for me. So she did. Shop owner sold it, no questions asked. The person who answered the DM was the same person who rung it up for her, who by the way said "there goes the green bag".
I have to admit I was happy to get the bag but not so happy as a customer and consignor. I was upset, would you be upset? Do you think I have the right to be upset? I found the behaviour to be dishonest.
Hace unas semanas mientras miraba las Insta stories de una tienda de consignación vi una cartera y me enamoré. Yo también consigno en esta tienda así que mandé un mensaje por Direct Message y me identifiqué, pidiendo que el crédito a mi favor fuese aplicado al bolso y que yo pasaría por ella en dos días. Me contestaron casi de inmediato "Hola, claro! supuestamente una chica viene a verla. Si no aparece le aplico su crédito de una para separarla". 
Tuve sentimientos encontrados ya que si yo tengo un crédito que cubre en su totalidad y excede el costo de la cartera, porqué no aplicarlo enseguida? Digo, el dinero está de su lado no? Pero en vez de insistir le pedí a una amiga que vive a un par de calles de la tienda el favor de ir a comprármela y así fue. La persona que contestó el DM fue la misma persona que le atendió y recibió el dinero en la caja y quien dijo "se fue la bolsa verde".
Admito que me alegré de poder comprar la cartera pero como cliente me sentí menospreciada. Estaba molesta, estarías tú molesta? Crees que tengo derecho a estar molesta? El comportamiento me pareció deshonesto. 


Shea Lennon said...

Yes, I would be upset too! I think it's totally dishonest--they need to have a clear policy. Either first-come (into the store), first served and let people know that, or if you're going to let people reserve something via Instagram, etc. hold to that! It's great you got the bag, but I would feel the same way!

Gemma said...

Beautiful outfit and necklace! I would be annoyed at that too. Not the best customer service.

Gemma x

Mica said...

I love the blue and pink together! :)

It's so nice your friend could go to the store and pick up the bag, it's frustrating that that's the only way they sell things 'first come first served in store', they should make that much clearer.

We have a consignment store here I use often, a lot of my bags go there and I occasionally get new ones, haha! They have a policy where you can comment on instagram or text the owner and it will be put aside for you, but if you don't pay by that day, it's up for anyone else the next day. Things usually go fast on instagram so it gets marked as sold quite quickly!

Oh and your comment on my blog, yep I spent more in 5 months in 2017 than I did in 12 months in 2016. If I hadn't bought that bag I'd only have spent a couple hundred, it was that big splurge that brought me so near my 2017 spend, haha! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Sakuranko said...

Oh I love it your style is so pretty
My best wishes to you
Happy New Year 2018

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I would definitely be upset! You're a longtime customer. They should take that into consideration :(

Natalie S said...

I would be mad too! At first I kind of understood the store owner but then when they sold the bag with no hesitation to your friend I changed my mind. They should have a policy on what to do in this type of situations.

Sheila said...

That is a sh*tty thing to do and very poor customer service - that's not the way to keep customers happy! Tsk, and brick-and-mortar stores wonder why they go out of business...

You look lovely in pastel pink - what a great colour on you, Lorena.

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

nice look :D love your necklace

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Jodie's Touch of Style said...

That's an interesting conundrum. Because I would think it should be first come, first served, but if I called (or DMed) first---wouldn't that count??

Straight A Style said...

I would have been upset too. Seems like it should be firs come, first serve like Jodie says.

Amy Ann
Straight A Style