Shoe life expectancy

I expect whatever it is I buy to work for me. I expect a good run out of my little or big investments, the way I measure them is through cost per wear (CPW). However I always stop to ask myself: how long is this suppose to last ?

In this case, precisely: How long are shoes supposed to last ? Having worked for several years in the shoe industry it is a question I had not stopped to ask myself until now. Lately I have been noticing that my shoes have a tendency to fall apart, wether cheap or expensive. Wether leather, plastic or pleather, if you want to get fancy or textile, they just don't hold up. They should, most have some brand backing them up and it's not like I walk in puddles or use public transportation. 

So, I thought I would share with you the journey of one pair of shoes, burgundy patent pleather tassel heeled loafers by Koaj, purchased in Colombia in October 2013 (to le left) and how they look today.

I am editing them from my closet, but before I do that I want you to look at both pictures and before scrolling down think of how many wears you think I got out of this pair of shoes in the four years I had them... and answer in the comments ;)  

First wear:  19.11.2013                  Second wear:  27.12.2013

04.09.2014                                            14.01.2015                         23.11.2015
Sixth wear: 22.02.2016

22.01.2017                 16.10.2017

06.11.2017                             25.10.2017

So ? how many wears do you think I got out of these shoes ? Hint: the right answer can be found counting the images. 


Oh to Be a Muse said...

Cost per wear is a great way to do this! Looks like you got a lot of good wear out of these cute shoes, so they were definitely a good buy.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

It can't be only 10 Lorena :D They were very pretty shoes. Hope you got a lot more wear out of them.

Sheila said...

Yoiks, only 10 wears? It looks like they are not lined in leather, can't tell if the top is leather as well - but that is what I always look for in shoes. Cost doesn't automatically mean quality!

Anonymous said...

En mi opinión no merece la pena comprar zapatos si no son de piel. Aunque nos gusten y sean baratos, al final salen caros. Es una pena porque son bonitos.
Llevo años leyéndote porque me encanta tu blog.
Un saludo desde España

Miguel Gouveia said...

thanks :)

super timeless shoes my dear :)

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Mica said...

I would have guessed you had gotten more than 10 wears out of them, wow!

I'm pretty hard on my shoes, I do splurge on leather ones now when I can though as I find they hold up best and are most comfortable, but given that I'm not a shoe person the usually get quite high wear before they are completely useless as I don't have that many to rotate through, if that makes sense.

Away From The Blue Blog

Natalie S said...

I can't believe it was only 10 times! I thought it was more like 20. They are really cute and I love how you styled them. So bad they had to go!

minimalissmo blog modowy said...

Good shoes must be most expensive purchase im my case, similar cost to coat. I dont use cost per wear ratio (it is very good idea), because it is to many wear, I can't to count it. Perhaps it is approx. 1$ per wear. Of course rarely I like to buy cheap shoes for a few wear (for blog look). Some of my shoes are 5-6 years old, but it is not record - a few times I used my mom's shoes (30 years old, of course leather made).