November edits

The slower I edit, the more aware I become that I cannot stop. Here's what left the closet in November.

Koaj burgundy tassel loafers, just 10 wears in 4 years. 
Purchased in October 2013, CWP  2.66 USD.

White sleeveless Bizz ruffle top, I had mixed feelings on letting go, but it was really worn out, worn on the blog at least six times. This lavender sheer top has been around since at least 2010. Worn just four times in seven years, it was sheer and the elastic on the sleeves loosened.
This cream sleeveless lo hi top from Zara was thrifted in October, after two wears I realised it was not a keeper (cpw 1.07 USD). This grey sweater from Zara was purchased in 2014 for 10.70 USD, it was piling, maybe because it had at least 13 wears! 

Four sunglasses were damaged this month, as I write this post I still cannot believe it.

A pair of teal Kenneth Cole sunglasses, purchased for 12.99 USD in March 2014, 58 wears, CPW 0.23 cents. That same month I also purchased a pair of Swell suede sunglasses for 16.19 USD, while I did not count how many times they were worn I am pretty sure I took the cpw to cents as I loved this pair and am actually looking for a replacement. 


Another damaged pair was my oversized purple sunglasses, purchased in October 2014 for 1.07 USD at the Dollar store, I am sure I got these to pennies per wear. Finally a pair of brown Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses purchased in September 2012 for 9.99 USD. These brown ones were worn the most, they will be missed.

9 items this month.


Straight A Style said...

Especially loving that pink top!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Those ruffled tops are so pretty, but if something is worn out it's important to let go. I always love your sunnies as well Lorena.

Lyosha Varezhkina said...

crazy about the shoes here! The color is so rich and girly. I'd love to have alike for myself

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