Empty cities

Blue gingham shorts G.H. Bass, BUT I'd rather have this extra large gingham print - 
Charter Club navy blue boatneck tee shirt, almost identical here
 Red flats Stradivarius, similar under 20.00 USD here

Recently we've had a handful of holidays and even though the beach is minutes away we chose to stay in the city. Why, you'd ask. Well, while every other person I know drove to the beach and was stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam we enjoyed the empty and quiet streets, parking spaces in front of the mall entrance and not having to stand in line anywhere... What did you do on your last holiday ? 

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Sheila said...

What a smart idea, to have a stay-cation! Cute dog!

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

loved all combo :D And super interesting content :D

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Mica said...

Love the red flats with the navy! :) Such a nice casual outfit.

I really like holiday time as the rads are so quiet for the commute into work, and it's much more relaxed and less busy in the city - it's a nice difference if you get a chance to enjoy it like you did :)

Hope you are having a lovely week so far :)

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Closet Fashionista said...

Hi puppy!! Hehe.
Definitely a smart idea to avoid the beach when you know everyone will be there. My last holiday I actually did go to the beach (sort of, drove to the beach and stayed in a hotel but we didnt go to the beach that day because it rained). But it was off season for the beach here so no one was there.

Lydia said...

Always love seeing your pups! It's always nice to enjoy the sights without traffic and lines. And always nice to enjoy the beach when everyone else is in the city ;)