Blogs make me want

Black pencil skirt Apt 9 - Animal print top Michael Kors 
Nude patent heels Sam Edelman - Brown Madison tote bag Coach

Blogs make me want things, for example it made me want this belt , even though every other blogger has it. I wonder how many of them Gucci produced...
Anyways, I wanted it, but was not willing to drop that amount of cash, which happens to be more than the minimum monthly salary where I live. 
So, I went for the next best thing I could find, which was this gorgeous gold buckle vintage Celine Paris belt: makes a statement, does not make me a serial wearer and it was affordable. Can you guess how much  I paid for it ? 

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Sheila said...

$5.00!! That's my guess. :) I rarely want what other bloggers have - it's so easy to find similar items. I bet you found your belt cheap, and I bet it's made in Italy or France? That Gucci one is probably made in China.

Beauty Unearthly said...

I love the details. Very beautiful.

jodie filogomo said...

The title of your post is so, so true Lorena!!!
But the funny thing is you can get similar items for so much less most of the time. I'm guessing you got this for under $10?

Jacquard Flower said...

Can totally relate to this I even make myself want things when I'm writing some posts! haha. This outfit is gorgeous! I really love the belt and I think it's a true gem. I am curious to find out the price now you asked us. I would say this belt was around £80?

Gemma x

Black Dress Inspiration said...

El look de hoy es ideal y más en blanco y negro con lo que me gusta

Magdalena Ścierska Minimalissmo said...

Lorena, You know I like this kind of looks - B+W+classic. This is my favourite! Fine belt.

Mica T said...

Being a beautiful vintage piece I'm guessing it was a lucky bargain find! :) I rarely have that much luck, haha.

I find there are a few bloggers I need to read carefully as I almost always want what they are wearing - it's crazy how often I used to be buying things because of blogs. Before blogs I used to buy things I saw in magazines, I think I'm just a marketer's ideal customer, haha!

Away From The Blue Blog

Kim Alston said...

I love that outfit on you Lorena! That top is fabulous! I know! Their are definite influencers out there when it comes to blogging. Love that belt. Good for you.