Best 2016 thrift Finds: Bags

Looking back at my yearly purchases, I realised that this year I have come across some outstanding items in second hand shops. These were such a find that I thought I'd share them with you once more through several posts, this one is dedicated to handbags.  
This small beaded handbag literally made me smile when I set my eyes on it, after inspection even more. It was specially made in France for the oldest department store in my city and it was in super condition, so ten dollars seemed more than fair of a price. 
Almost identical here, similar ones herehere and here - check out the price tag !
This one you are not going to believe. I saw this bright duffle bag and was immediately drawn by the square tortoise shell like clasp. The moment I picked it up I realised it was leather and in really fabulous shape. Inside was clean and it was Lanvin. For a moment I thought it was a knock off because of the price, it was too good to be true,  but the leather, the hardware, it gave it away. I took it home for 17.12 USD and have been getting compliments whenever I wear it. 
Similar bag here 
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo, I saw it and walked around with it but was not sure if I should take it because it needed cleaning. The day after I was still thinking about it and asked my husband to go back for it, 37.44 USD.
Finally a Coach brown leather tie holder that I plan to use as a clutch, for 3.21 USD, a true bargain. 
In case you missed it, my best 2016 blazers vintage find can be seen here. 
I'd love to hear about your best vintage find.

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backinstyle said...

Oh my gosh, those are some great vintage finds! The little beaded evening bag is just precious. I have several vintage bags that I love to use, but have not found anything remotely as good as your finds, lately.