The Desigual Skirt

Printed skirt Desigual - Green tshirt Charter Club - Black patent shoes Zara - Grey vintage bag Salvatore Ferragamo
If you had told me years ago that in the future I would be the owner of several dozen skirts I would have laughed at you. In high school or early college years I did not wear skirts, I did not like them, however today it's a different story. Not only do they take an important part of my closet space but they come is all shapes, lengths and fabrics. Even if styling them takes more time than a dress I find the possibilities endless. Do you own many skirts or is it a garment you stay away from ?

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Anya Dryagina said...

Stylish outfit! Great skirt!
Have a good day!

Stella Asteria said...

What a wonderful skirt Lorena! I would love to wear it! Most of my clothes are dresses and skirts, dramatically more than my jeans and staple pieces! ;)
Thanks for sharing and have a great week!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Yea, I don't wear many skirts either, so I'm always shocked when I find one that I actually want to own. You look pretty fab in this bold print!

Closet Fashionista said...

Haha yea I went through a no skirts phase myself. Actually a no skirts OR dresses. I would wear them every day in elementary school and then in middle school slowly moved away and in high school/college I would only do it for holidays, haha.
That skirt is so much fun, I love the vivid colors

backinstyle said...

Love the way you styled this gorgeous and unusual skirt! I have a lot of skirts in my closet, too. I love the versatility and endless creative possibilities!

jodie filogomo said...

I think wearing skirts are a fabulous option for women!! It gives us so much variety and they are easier to fit than pants & jeans!
My step mom just bought a Desigual skirt---I always have loved the designs from Desigual!!
And your's is fabulous!!

Raysa Garcia said...

I love this look. That skirt is just beautiful!!
Kisses, Raysa

Mica T said...

I was against skirts for quite a few years, haha! Now I still love and have mostly jeans but I do like wearing skirts too. Most of mine are pencil skirts for work or maxi skirts :)

The skirt you're wearing here is really pretty, I like the grey tee with it too.

Hope you're having a wonderful start to the week :)

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Sheila said...

That's a lovely skirt - I wish I could see the back of it (I know Desigual does designs on the back too!). You know I have tons of skirts - probably about 50-60.

LyddieGal said...

I own a TON of skirts, but truthfully prefer dresses and pants for the simple reason that skirts tend to spin around when I walk and getting a shirt tucked in and looking good is often impossible. It might look okay when I'm standing up perfectly straight in front of the mirror, but as soon as I move, forget about it. However I have been liking the high waist + crop top trend, and I'm thinking about trying a body suit as well, since you know, I have a ton of skirts.

Kim Alston said...

It's a gorgeous skirt! Like a piece of art. I was the same way! I love skirts and dresses now.