That horrible feeling that you missed out...
Blue and yellow striped dress Gap - Striped flats Nine West
We've all had it.
Black bag Tous - Cherry pendant necklace 
Don't let it take over you.
Do it.
Just buy the shoes.


Sheila said...

Ha! That's why I went back for the cream dress yesterday!

Love this sporty look!

sonia // daring coco said...

I could live by that one hehehe!


Mica said...

Ha yes, life is too short, just buy the shoes! :) Or bag or dress or whatever you can't stop thinking about!

Away From The Blue Blog

Witchcrafted Life said...

So true, so true. Most of "the ones that got away" were online items for me, and I swear, I still think of some of them many years later (a particular aqua hued mid-century hat jumps out at me there).

Great shoes and reminder to seize the moment.

♥ Jessica

drollgirl said...

HA! I've been attempting to shop LESS, but allowing myself to buy shoes if the price is right, they are cute, they fit, and they DO NOT HURT. So, I have not bought many lately! :)