March Closet editions

Here's what left the closet in March.
New York & Co. striped top dates to April  2012, 
worn at least ten times, had small stain spots.
Belldini black zip up cardigan worn 6 or 7 times 
in the last 7 years, no longer in good shape. 
Grey striped top Energie, worn at least 7 times,
it was too clingy, fabric too thin.
Millibon U.S.A. horse print jumper, worn about 5 
times in 3 years. About 1.70 USD per wear, I 
realised that I have better fitting garments.
Bissou Bissou embroidered flowers suit, it was dated. 
Black eyelet Gloria Vanderbilt dress worn at least 
6 times in 7 years. Black was faded, sleeves were 
tight and mid section fit was unflattering.
AA Studio black dress, worn at least 6 times. 
Clingy and unflattering. 
Moschino Cheap and Chic Moschino suede heels: one of my most
expensive shoes ever. Worn about 5 times, heels were too high :(
Vince Camuto black patent heels, purchased in May 2014, these
were worn on two continents, at least 4 countries, about 26 times... approximate cost per wear 2.30 USD.
The outer part of the shoe was in perfect condition,
however the lining quickly fell apart. 
Presumidas black flat sandals: worn at least 12 times (a 0.72 c x wear)
until they began to fall apart. 
Salvatore Ferragamo blue vintage shoes: worn once, in Cuba. As 
much as I love vintage and Ferragamo, I did not think these worked
for me.

12 items in March.

How are your closet edit coming along ?


Mica said...

You're doing so good with your wardrobe editing! I haven't gotten rid of anything for a while....after last pregnancy I went crazy and threw out a LOT of stuff that I regretted to downsize from my wardrobe room to make it a nursery, and so this time around I've been overly cautious about letting things go. I need a good clearout when I'm back to my normal self.

Away From The Blue Blog

Amely Rose said...

what a lovely post my dear
your style is so amazing and inspiring
simply love it!
lovely :)
with love your AMELY ROSE

Witchcrafted Life said...

Great editing work. What a shame about the inner lining of those shoes coming apart so quickly. They look like the ideal "LBD" of the footwear world.

♥ Jessica