I am always trying out new things.
Mother of pearl sunglasses Kate Spade - Black and white cardigan forever 21 
 I might be new restaurant, an outdoors place,
or a perfume.
Black patent shoes Zara - Black dress 
In this case, I'm trying out a new lipstick.
Something red for a change.
Surprisingly it lasts all morning.
It's Firecracker by Mary Kay.


Porcelina said...

Amazing sunglasses! And the new shade of lippy looks great on you x

Sheila said...

Red lipstick really suits you! Love it!

Mica said...

The lipstick is a lovely colour on you! :) i like the printed cardi with the little black dress too.

Away From The Blue Blog

drollgirl said...

It is beautiful and it looks great on you!

Witchcrafted Life said...

What a becoming, beautiful lippy shade. It really shines on you, sweet Lorena.

♥ Jessica