Self description

If you had to describe yourself in one word...
Jeans Saltworks  - White tshirt - Cropped jacket Ann Taylor Loft - Innovativi wedges
What would it be ?
While, it would take me a while to chose, amongst
my picks would be: forward, straight, persistent, picky..
Necklace Entre Nudos
However, today I'm not sure...


Sheila said...

I would describe you, kind, beautiful!

I would describe me as...funky, silly, unique!

Although these colours aren't really my cup of tea, this is a really nice outfit on you!

Mica T said...

Love the effortless but still stylish simplicity of this outfit on you Lorena! :)

I think summing yourself up in one word is hard, I'd have no idea what I'd pick!

Away From The Blue Blog

Kim Alston said...

I love that outfit Lorena! That box jacket is awesome.

LyddieGal said...

If I could only pick one.

Jessica Cangiano said...

That is a staggeringly hard question and I feel like the answer would differ from day-to-day. In this moment, right here and now, I think I'd say either "cheerful" or "dedicated".

What a strikingly lovely necklace. The juxtaposition of clear glass/crystal and the more earthy toned materials is just marvelous.

♥ Jessica