My 2015 Closet Additions

I have to be brutally honest here.
I don't think I really needed to add anything 
to my overflowing closet, but I did:
I spent a lot more than the previous years but 
purchased less items and gave more thought 
into purchases, also had more items tailored.
I got rid of 12 bags, but did they really need replacement? 
The answer is NO, however the bags I did get, 
were of better quality.

In total I added 107 items into my closet vs those 
254 that were removed through my closet edits.
The fact that I removed so many garments was
a goal I had set for myself: 
Remove 200 items from my closet. Accomplished!

Now when it came to staying within a budget, I failed miserably.
My yearly budget had been set at 1,500.00 USD.
However, the total spent this year was about 2,791.13 USD,
about 700.00 USD more than last year 
and 1,200.00 USD over budget.

Wardrobe goals for next year ?
Downsize the closet, at least 200 more items.
Budget ? Keep it under 2,000.00 USD.

What are YOUR wardrobe goals for 2016 ?


Witchcrafted Life said...

Seriously impressive closet editing. Wow, nixing 200+ items is no small accomplishment. Way to go, my dear friend!

♥ Jessica

Sheila said...

That's really impressive that you got rid of over 200 items!

I don't have a closet or wardrobe goal, other than to keep on cycling through my things (no buying more hangers!) and to find other wonderful items to add.