Blue scarf print

Sometimes I find stuff in the closet
that I had forgotten I owned.
Jeans Zara - Scarf print top Pink Collection - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender
A good example is this light blue scarf print top 
purchased years ago during a trip to San Francisco 
and this small straw bag, which I received as a gift.
Every time I find myself in this situation I can only
wonder if I am a hoarder.
Or a hoarder in the making..


Mica T said...

Hubby thinks that I'm a hoarder because of all the clothes I have! But I've really been improving lately! I'm always trying to trim down my wardrobe, and I'm trying to buy less too! :)

I've seen true hoarders and I don't think I'm that bad.....

Your scarf print tunic is lovely too by the way! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Jessica Cangiano said...

Same here! It's almost always tops for me. I think this is because a lot of my shirts, sweaters, etc are modern (but very vintage appropriate looking), not vintage or repro, and often picked up for a song while thrifting, so I have less of a memory associated with saving up for and/or buying them. It's always cool to shop in one's own closet, so to speak, and discover a piece you love that you totally forgot you owned.

♥ Jessica