Same Mood

The first time I wore this dress was 2011 in NYC.
I was in town with a friend, visiting another friend.
I was going through hell at the time and the
 visit was a like a breath of fresh air amidst it all. 
Striped blue dress no brand - Beware of Sharks tote bag Kate Spade -
Sandals Adolfo Domínguez - Bang necklace 
This dress was the perfect travel companion as
it was light, did not need any ironing and made me
feel good.
Today I am wearing it one last time, as its custom for me,
before giving it away - it has faded and stretched out, which
are both adjectives I could easily use to describe my current mood.
The dress was worn about 8 times 3 in years.
 Today, on its last wear oddly enough I am in the
almost same exact mood as I was when it was
first worn… WTF.


LyddieGal said...

Faded and stretched out sounds about right to me too. Unfortunately.
But you can't tell that about the dress in the photos, it still looks really cute on you.
Chic on the Cheap

Kim Alston said...

i hate to see it go! looks so good on you and HELLO those sandals are the cutest.