Laughing with friends

It had been sometime since I had gone out
with girlfriends to do stuff.
Black shorts Worthington - Turquoise polo shirt Lacoste -
Since we had a holiday I figured it would be
a good idea to get out and just shop, eat, chat, laugh.
Black animal print flats Aerosoles - 
Black tote Michael Kors - Black Baroque sunglasses Prada 
The city was empty, so you could actually speed!
(I usually don´t)
I had not laughed that much in ages, didn't realise
how much I missed them. 


Sheila said...

It's so good to get girl-time, isn't it? I have missed my friends lately too - but I have Book Club AND Winesday next week! Woo!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Perfect way to spend a holiday! So often I use that day off (if we don't have family plans) to try and squeeze in more work, instead of taking a much needed - and well deserved - breather. Thank you, especially as we head into the Christmas season, for the important reminder to do just that sometimes.

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

LyddieGal said...

That is the thing about old friends, you can just relax and laugh, they know your whole story, you don't have to take time to explain things, and you can always reminisce on all the old memories.
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