How much ?

Have you ever been a situation where you ask yourself:
How much harder should I try ?

Black jumper dress - Printed blouse Mostaza -
Black patent shoes Vince Camuto - Black tote Michael Kors 
When is it too much ?  
I have to admit, I do rarely give up, however right 
now I am just really troubled and anxious and just
don't know if I should just drop an entire situation.  
Its like my reasoning debating other impulses.
Try harder ? 


LyddieGal said...

I agree, sometimes you have to know when to throw in the towel, even if you aren't typically programed to. there is only so much energy you can put towards something you can not change.
Chic on the Cheap

Mica T said...

I like the printed top under the dress!

Sometimes it's not giving up - it's having the courage to admit something isn't working out for your best interests and letting it go to spend your time and energy on other things!

Away From The Blue Blog

Kim Alston said...

When you have tried and nothing happens, it's not meant (at least for right now). Let it go. I'm just like you. I'll keep trying and trying. But I had to learn to release. There's a reason its not working out for you. Trust and let go.

You look so beautiful in this dress and top Lorena! Looks so beautiful on you.

Sheila said...

We can only control ourselves, no one else. Sometimes we have to let go!

This is a killer outfit - very powerful. You look like you mean business!

lorenabr said...

Love the shades!