Closet swaps..

Over the weekend I met up with a friend.
Green shorts Gap - Black tshirt - Black flats Vera Wang Lavender - Black bag Michael Kors 
She has been losing weight and many of her clothes 
no longer fit her. So she gave me 3 items that fit perfectly.

One of them was this pair of shorts from Gap. 
In return she walked away with 2 pairs of shoes and 
2 pairs of trousers.
It's my first closet swap.


LyddieGal said...

That is fun, glad it was a successful swap!

Sheila said...

Hurray, swaps are so fun! I love the shorts - great length on you.

Mica T said...

Glad you had a fun swap! Your new shorts are lovely :)

Unless you count swapping clothes with my sister, I haven't really done a wardrobe swap!

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