Vintage chandeliers

I attended an event this weekend.
White lace dress H&M - Nude heels Sam Edelman
It had been a while since I wore my gold mother of pearl
vintage chandeliers - so today it seemed appropriate.
Book Clutch Kate Spade
The chandeliers were a gift from my
grandmother when I was little.
They don't get much wear, because, well
I tend to think they are a little costumey.

But now that I look at them, I think they're not.
It's evident our tastes and views change.


Sheila said...

They are really pretty - I love dangly earrings! This is a lovely dress on you too, Lorena!

LyddieGal said...

Ohhh love this dress - white and lace of course. And I think you are right, they aren't really too costumey, I think they are a lovely vintage pair.
Chic on the Cheap

Mica T said...

Beautiful lace dress! :)

Your earrings are lovely too! I think you're right, our tastes definitely change. That's why it's so hard to get rid of things in my wardrobe, I find old things I stopped loving and start loving them again and I worry if I throw things out too quickly I'll miss them later, haha!

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Alberto Hugo Rojas said...


Jessica Cangiano said...

They're gorgeous and made all the more so by the fact that they were bestow upon you by your grandma.

♥ Jessica