October purchases

I did not realise I had brought in so 
many stuff into my closet this month
until I did the purchase recap.
It started out with a pair of rain boots I'd wanted for
a while 7.48 USD
On to a pair of electric blue Charles Jourdan Paris Ruth heels  
thrifted for 21.40 USD. I had seen these months ago and was 
patiently waiting for them to go on sale… they finally did ! 
Also thrifted was this maxi polka dot skit by Gracie New York: 12.84 USD
it still needs some altering, but I have to say I loved wearing it. 
The white button down by Gina Tricot for 6.40 USD, because well,
I love me a white button down.
A black Theory jacket finally entered my closet. 
I had been wanting one for ages and I found this one 
on super sale for 32.10 USD  - 
sure beats the 300.00 USD retail price. 
Another item was a houndstooth sleeveless jacket by 
Classiques Entier also on sale for 21.40 USD.
Two skirts via Forever 21 for 24.00 USD each: extra large black and white
houndstooth print and a rust colour one, both boasting a vintage vibe.
White shirtdress, with a sleeve waist tie also from 
Forever 21, 25.00 USD.
Also a pair of Aldo boat shoes for 26.74 USD
A Hermes Sequences scarf, thrift for 107.00 USD,
which I'll tell you more about in another post…
and finally accessories:
Bang earrings and necklace set, Purple and green 
thread necklace and pearl and rhinestone hoop earrings
for 2.45 each.
October grand total of 315.70 USD.

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