Pulling an all-nighter

About two months ago I was assigned a paper.
Black jean overalls Zara - Pink and blue striped polo Tommy Hilfiger
At the time two months seemed like a lifetime away.
I figured I had time, a lot of it...
Black flats Vera Vang Lavender - Black tote bag Michael Kors 
Then about two weeks ago I remembered that this was due this Saturday.
I then thought that it could not be that complicated… 

Well, I kept on saying to myself that I would get to it… and
on Thursday I started it and ten, yes 10 hours into it, I
had only written 20% of it...

So, I pulled an all nigher, 21 hours in, I was done.


Kim Alston said...

Now that is working well under stress defined Lorena! HaHaHa I bet its good! Love your overalls. They look CHIC!

Sheila said...

Holy smokes, that's a long day! I hope it turned out okay for you!