Trench like

What a great feeling it is to find a garment in your
closet that you never wear and then suddenly it's
exactly what you had been looking for.

Black dress JBS - My Michelle White jacket - Me Too Leopard print flats - Brown Coach Madison bag
This is what kind of happened with my white utilitarian jacket.
I use to wear it with all the buttons done, limiting the garment 
 and making the look very stiff one. 

Something as simple as just leaving the buttons undone 
and rolling the sleeves and voilá: it worked, it's a keeper.


Kim Alston said...

It's a fabulous jacket Lorena and looks awesome worn that way.

Mica T said...

That jacket looks awesome on you and I'm glad you discovered a different way to wear it so you can keep it :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Jessica Cangiano said...

Very true! I just adore when that happens as well. Often, I find, it occurs when I'm packing for a trip and then often I'll just live in that garment (or accessory) while I'm traveling.

♥ Jessica