I've come to realise the older I get, 
the less I curse.
Jeans Zara - Flower print button down shirt Liz Lange - Brown spadrilles Spain 
I've come to the conclusion that you can always get the 
same results you want by choosing the right words and 
elegantly sending someone their way.
Fuchsia bag Coach 
This train of thought works well unless, of course I am driving ….

Vintage watch Invicta - Studded bracelet Coach

and a taxi cuts me off..! &%$@#*·


Cosmic said...

Nice comfortable outfit, Lorena!

LyddieGal said...

Hahaha, so true. I have quite the mouth when I'm driving as well. But I never honk unless someone is backing up into me in a parking lot or something. I hate being honked at.