Many, many years ago when I wore a uniform 
to work all I could use to express any 
creativity were accessories.
Black dress JBS - Grey cardigan H&M
Most of these accessories were bags, pins and brooches.

Grey flats Zara - Brown bag Coach
I still have many of these pins, although they're seldom worn.

Giraffe pin vintage
This one, with two giraffes, is from that era
and it was a gift from my grandfather who was
then alive…it's been so long that I now consider it vintage.


Kim Alston said...

It's beautiful! I've always loved brooches. I usually put them on the lapels of my blazers.

mumandme-trapitos said...

We love the pins! Kisses.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Same here, big time. I only ever worked at one job was a uniform was required, but goodness, did I loath it. Not only was the uniform wildly unflattering and made all the female employees like at least 20 lbs heavier, but it was stuffy and warm, too. I felt like my sartorial spirit was being crushed and only got by with the help of accessories (jewelry and hair embellishments alike) as well.

Your giraffe brooch is so darling! I love that it's a mommy and a baby - aww!

♥ Jessica