Top Ten: Odds and Evens

Last week I took all of my tops out of my closet.
I did not dare to count, but as I arranged them
back into the cramped space I chose to leave 
some of them out.

Black pencil skirt Apt. 9 - Gold blouse Odds and Evens - Black pumps Bata 
This gold colour Odds and Evens blouse was one of them.

I've had it for at least 6 years but its only 
been worn 4 times, coincidentally almost 
the same way: always with black.

Here's how it has been worn before.. 

2009                                           2010



Mica said...

That top looks nice with black so I can see why you keep wearing it that way :)

It would look great with denim too though if you're keeping it! :)

Away From The Blue

LyddieGal said...

A top that can only be styled one can definitely go.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

I agree with Lydia...For some reason, there's just too much going on with the top, in my opinion! jodie

Sheila said...

It's very pretty - shiny! But maybe a little dated (very 2007ish). You do look lovely in it, though! Hard choice!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

I think you made the best decision Lorena!