Top Fifteen: Grey One Step Up

Last week I took all of my tops out of my closet.
I did not dare to count, but as I arranged them
back into the cramped space I chose to leave 
some of them out.

Orange trousers Sculpture - Grey top One Step Up - Grey flats Zara

This grey One Step Up was one of them.
Usually worn as a layering piece when I
have to travel to cooler countries, its also
been seen at least 8 times in the last





I think its served its purpose, time to go.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

I am loving that grey and orange together Lorena! That looks so good!

LyddieGal said...

Now that is the kind of shirt I'd never let go of. It's grey and soft and when I thought it was no longer presentable for public I'd wear it to bed, until it got so full of holes that it was indecent, even as pjs.
Chic on the Cheap

Sheila said...

That's the kind of shirt that I end up wearing around the house! At least just downgrade it.

Mica said...

You've certainly gotten a lot of wear out of that top! :)

I have so many long sleeve tops and tees I never seem to get rid of - I did a big clear out and eventually got rid of most of them, it's Queensland I don't need to layer that often....but then I had my 'colours' done with the stylist and guess what looks best on me? Bold, bright plain coloured tops...just like all the layering ones I donated! haha! So I keep my eyes peeled for replacements.

Away From The Blue

lorenabr said...

Love the orange pants!

Alberto Hugo Rojas said...

time passes cute for you

Witchcrafted Life said...

It has certainly racked up a lot of frequent fashion flies miles, so to speak. It served you wonderfully, dear Lorena, and looked great in all of these outfits.

♥ Jessica

LyddieGal said...

one more thing -those orange/cinnamon pants - they look great on you! Do you sill have them? You need wear them again.

Unknown said...

The shirt seems like something you could keep as a standby piece but, those pants. Oh em gee, fabulous!