Top Eight: Handmade Vintage

A few days ago I took all of my tops out of my closet.
I did not dare to count, but as I arranged them
back into the cramped space I chose to leave 
some of them out.

Neon pink trouser H&M - Vintage handmade top - Grey flats Zara - Vintage turquoise belt
This top was one of them.
Vintage, handmade, purchased in Argentina last year.
I love the bold colors but the sleeves are not 
my piece of cake. 

Its been worn three times in one year.
and I am still not convinced... 

I have to admit that how I am wearing it today is my favourite 
of the three outfits and I am actually having second thoughts. 

So, give me your thoughts.


Keep or give ?


Mica said...

That is a beautiful top! I'm leaning towards keeping it, as it's rare handmade vintage so wouldn't be easy to replace.

But only if you can think of a few other outfits around it to ensure it will get worn if it stays :)

Away From The Blue

A Very Sweet Blog said...

The print and colors in it are so beautiful. But you're right, the sleeves are a little funny.

drollgirl said...

i wasn't sure about it til i saw the pic with the white skirt. i love it there! or you could always remove the sleeves and have a very cute sleeveless blouse!

LyddieGal said...

The sleeves are definitely a challenge, and i'm not crazy about the neckline. Maybe your seamstress could reinvent it?

I am loving these pink pants. SO fun.

Sheila said...

Give it away! These types of tops are fun, but very limiting. It looks like you've stretched its creativity to the limit - would you really wear it more than you have, even with the sleeves removed?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think if you're debating it, it's probably time to go. Although in the photo with the white skirt where the sleeve is kind of pushed up makes me think it would look really nice with 3/4 length sleeves...