Neon and white break

Over the last week I have been wearing tops
that will most likely leave my closet.

Neon pink trousers H&M - White button down shirt Forever 21 - Grey flats Zara 
I took a break today. 

Turquoise patent belt Forever 21 - Teal sunglasses Kenneth Cole - Necklace Swarovski

Not because I did not have any more 
tops to try on before deciding their fate, but
because I just wanted to wear an easy outfit.

It's always positive to take breaks.

Gives you a sense of a "fresh start" - even if you'll be 
back to doing the same.


Mica said...

I really like this outfit! :) The pink pants are lovely and I like your bracelets!

I agree that sometimes it's good to take a break and wear something you want to wear and know you will enjoy. I struggle with the monthly style challenges I'm on, ever now and then I'll just want to give it up half way through and wear something I want to wear for once, not something I feel forced to wear. But the majority of the time the challenge is fun and I learn things! :)

Away From The Blue

Shybiker said...

What great pants! And a fun match with that belt.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

Great outfit!!! jodie

LyddieGal said...

Ah yes, sometimes we just need a nice white button down. Simple and perfect. Love those pink pants. Makes me wish I still had mine, but I let them go because they were too big anyway...
Chic on the Cheap

Ann said...

Lovely color combo.
Looks so fresh and pretty on you.

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Sometimes it's important to step back and refresh.

Sheila said...

Nothing like a white blouse as a palette cleanser!