Arriving Bogota

Early flight and in Bogota by noon.

Jeans Zara - Black bow sweater MNG Mango
I prefer morning flights.

Black flats Vera Wang Lavender
I chose something comfortable and of course dark colours, 
because you really want to avoid wearing anything white when you travel.

My trips to Bogota are always positive, so I am really 
looking forward to this visit. 


Kathya Stryzak said...

Buenas tardes!!

Linda cartera es show!!
y la ultima foto..que caritaaaaaa jejejeje besos Lore!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Have a great time. I prefer morning flights also.

drollgirl said...

such a fun trip! you get to go to so many fabulous locations!

i have been thinking about going to cuba someday. so many places to see in life. i need to hurry up and get to some soon!

Mica said...

I hope you have a lovely trip! :)

I prefer evening flights, I'm not good with flying so sleeping on the plane is usually the best way for me to get through ;) Then I can arrive at my destination, sleep it off and feel better in the morning to explore!

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