Urban Market

A quick visit to the urban market over the weekend.

Pink shorts Lacoste - Brown sequinned top Forever 21
Brown sandals Habaneros - Bronze for ring Krakow
Brown bag Coach - Brown sunglasses Michael Kors 
I had wanted to go for a while.

In a much, much smaller scale it reminded me of the Union Square
market in NYC, well specially the green concept where you 
buy directly from the producer.

The more I think of it , the only way to survive is to go back 
to where we started… basics.


Chronically Vintage said...

What a beautiful shirt! Sequins are one of those things that I really enjoy the look of, but don't actually own much of. Perhaps if I wore more 20s and 30s garb, as opposed to 40s and 50s styles, I'd have oodles more :) (Not, of course that sequins weren't used in those two decades as well, they were, though perhaps not always to the same degree - the 20s in particular were huge on them).

♥ Jessica

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Loving your top, sandals and that ring Lorena. So unique!