The end of burgundy blouse era

I am always intrigued by how certain
garments escape my constant closet editions.
This burgundy blouse is certainly one of them.

2015                                                2014 

Purchased at least 10 years ago, Caramel brand,
its been worn quite a lot - just 7 times on the blog.


I can actually remember where I bought it
 - it was purchased along with
other two tops that were quite expensive
for me at the time - 


I see as this blouse goes away and its the end of an era.


So glad its gone.


drollgirl said...

my favorite is with the purple blazer. fabulous!

i have a hot pink skirt that i have had for years. i love it so much. but there are two holes in it and i need to give it up already. i'm sure i have worn this skirt 100 times, if not more. for some reason some items are hard to give up!!!

Mica said...

At least you have the fond memories, and you can always look back on the photos of how you wore it! :)

I like little wrap-up posts like this, I've been doing it when I farewell things from my wardrobe and I have to say it makes the process easier! :)

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