April closet editions

April edits.

I focused on my hair accessories drawer,
and I am not even close to done yet.
Two headbands.

Silver tone heart hair clips.
Worn once in over five years…
also I am not five years old anymore.

Tiny butterfly hair clips.
These are from another lifetime.

Two Pjs.

Burgundy Caramel blouse.
I was totally over it; hung in my closet
for over ten years - it got its wear.

Purple bubble top Speechless.
Pilling, fuzzy and now gone.

Beige puffy top, no brand.
It was scorching hell to wear this top,
it had a mesh lining and it was ultra hot.
When it began to piling, I just let go. 

White button down shirt by Decoded.
This shirt got its wear, at least 10 times 
on the blog - but I found a hole in it.

My military like Forever 21 jean jacket.
It was so difficult to wear, I gave up.

Wooden beads earrings.
I felt they're just not me.
Not anymore.

Worn at least 17 times on the blog.
These black Red Lips brand strappy vintage like 
sandals have been around for a while.
Last time I wore them they were a torture, 
plus they're in pretty bad shape. 

13 pieces for April.

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Chronically Vintage said...

I'm sooo doing a closet edit this summer. I'm sick of having a miniscule (seriously!) sized closet, but moving isn't in the cards anytime soon at all, so making a touch of space in it is the only way to go. Wish me luck! (I have't done one for a while, but I do enjoy the process, so it should be good in the end.)

♥ Jessica