Tie Backs

I have never really loved garments that ties at the back.

I've always thought that the mere possibility of tying it at the back 
is a clear indication that that it simply does not fit, 
so you have to tie it and make adjust it to fit.
I also don't like the way it looks from behind. Think frumpy and
when you sit down that knot or bow in the back is just in the way.

I have these type of garments (mostly gifts) and I am sure you do too.
For example, take this light blue eyelet jacket from Liz Claiborne.

I was annoyed by the tie in the back and just cut them, 
had them overlap and sewed one on top of the other.
While its not perfect, it sure beats the knot.
I will be taking it to the tailor so its straightened and well sewn.

Do you have any items in your closet that tie at the back ?


Mica said...

It's funny, you know I don't think I do have anything that ties at the back - like you the knot in the back problem makes it tricky when you sit down! I do have a few dresses that have the in-built tie at the waist, but I usually pull it forward and tie it there, or tie it really loosely at the back so that the knot doesn't get in the way! Got idea to alter the top to get rid of the ties!

Away From The Blue

A Very Sweet Blog said...

HAHAHA Lorena! I feel the same way. I would snip them, but this is a MUCH better and more polished idea. I avoid them like the plague.

E said...

Ties can be annoying. I like how you did this!

Sheila said...

I loathe ties on clothing - you're right, it means they don't fit!