Mustard + Grey + Burgundy

I know, it's so last year..

To be more precise, from In Style magazine, October 2014 issue.

Grey sweater Zara - Black suede shoes Moleca - Burgundy trousers Valerie Bertinelli

However, bringing burgundy+mustard and grey together
seemed simple.

Mustard clutch Pull & Bear
With the exception of the mustard clutch, all of these items 
have been in the closet for a while.

Discovering new outfits with old pieces through inspiration coming from 
magazines, blogs or people I meet bring a sense of fulfilment.

Vintage watch Invicta

Inspiration is endless.

Gold tone necklace H&M

As are possibilities.
Sometimes all you need is to look around.


Witchcrafted Life said...

Be still my heart, how I love this colour combination. I was wearing it (sometimes with green and/or dark blue in the mix) like mad during the winter of 2013 - 14, but got hooked on others after and all but forget about it. Your chic, lovely ensemble has reminded me to give it a spin again pronto. Thank you!

♥ Jessica

Mica said...

I like this colour combination! I don't really think colour combos can become dated, I think like you inspiration strikes us whenever and we can pair pieces together based on it, putting our own spin on it. It means it always looks fresh :)

I like finding inspiration in places - even if it's not a direct inspiration. Like I've seen the dress as a top thing so many times, eventually I tried it and couldn't remember where I'd first seen it, but it's something that inspired me even if I didn't rush out and try it right away, it put the idea in my head :)

Away From The Blue

A Very Sweet Blog said...

THat is an interesting color combination! That's why I like blogging. I always learn so much. Looks great together.