March Closet Editions

I cannot believe its the end of March already.
Here are my closet edits:

Pink tank top from Zara, deo stains never look good.

Two tops, one from Happy Bunny the other Sailor top by Zig 
and two piyamas.

My printed pink top from H&M. 
I kept tugging on it, bra strap was always showing.

Long Brown suede Creations skirt.
I was never happy on how it looked and 
just gave up on it.

Yellow feather headband.
I love it but I remembered why I never wear it a 
few weeks ago: it's so tight I could not think !

A long lost black Givenchy reintroduced into rotation,
and then ruined.

9 items gone.


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Understandably so! I love that you go through your closet each month Lorena. I do it twice a year, but this is so much more manageable.

Mica said...

I'm sad to see that printed pink top go as it is so pretty! But you are right to let it go if it's not comfortable to wear. I'm being really ruthless lately, I want things that wear as well as they look, if that makes sense? I have some pretty clothes but if they aren't practical to wear they just won't get worn often, so no point in keeping them!

Away From The Blue

E said...

That feather headband is so pretty!

LyddieGal said...

Good riddance to clothes that don't work!
It's my goal to make it to the consignment store this week. Hopefully it happens.
Chic on the Cheap